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Surviving Scientology Episode 52 with Karen Schless Pressley

Karen Schless Pressley is the former Commanding Officer of the Scientology Celebrity Centre. In this interview she discusses how she and her then husband — the composers Peter Schless — became Scientologists and later joined the Sea Org. Karen fascinatingly discusses the lure of Scientology for celebrities in terms of co-dependency. In my view, this is a remarkably insightful description. Karen’s new book “Escaping Scientology: An Insider’s True Story: My Journey With the Cult of Celebrity Spirituality, Greed and Power ” is available on Amazon:…
  • Steve Wood

    I love your show and have only just found it and am working my way backwards through every episode. I am so glad I found your pod cast…..Each episode is beyond fascinating and I find myself totally mystified how people get sucked into this…..To say this is mind boggling isn’t even close. My brother became a Scientologist in the mid 70’s but never had the funds to rise up the bridge to total freedom as they call it… he just somehow was able to remain at the bottom but due to and unexpected windfall that s no longer the case for him so I feel quite sure I know what he is going to do with his new found wealth which is such a shame but nothing I can do about that now…..the subject of Scientology is off limits between us and now having watched as many films as I can and I read all the books I can and I have become almost obsessed with the soap opera that Scientology is except that this is frighteningly real. I must commend you on your show and thank you for doing such a worthwhile and meaningful task……hopefully your tireless efforts into exposing this shocking and shameless institution will bring about change as I do believe there are probably many naive yet basically good people in Scientology like my brother but they are to blind to see the truth. Thanks again……please continue to do this enormously worthwhile job……someone has to.