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Guy White — Part 2

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Guy White opens by discussing how he and his wife Suzette spent Christmas days, birthdays, and other holidays at Mary Sue Hubbard’s home with their three children. Guy White next describes how Suzette Hubbard fled the Sea Org and took their infant son with her. The Church of Scientology tried to convince Guy to divorce Suzette and remain in the Sea Org. Guy wanted his son to be with him. However, the Church feared that any custody battle could become a public legal matter and involve Mary Sue Hubbard as Suzette was living with her mother. Guy soon left the Sea Org and he and Suzette worked to reestablish their lives outside of the Sea Org. Guy disabuses the notion that L. Ron and Mary Sue’s children had plenty of money due to their father’s wealth. Indeed, L. Ron Hubbard left very little to his children by Mary Sue. Guy reveals the exact amount. Guy talks about his going to work for the Scientologist-owned Dohring Company as his first job after he left the Sea Org.

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