Former Scientology OT Robert Dam, Author of The Defector

Robert Dam joined Scientology when he was a young man with dreams of being a professional musician. He soon joined Scientology staff and his dreams of music soon disappeared under the heavy demands of statistics. Robert worked as a body router and held other positions as a staff member.

When Robert finished his staff contract he went into the printing business with a fellow Scientologist. Soon, the two were printing all of the magazines for Scientology Europe. This was profitable and allowed Robert to go up his Bridge and onto the OT levels. Robert figured out an ingenious solution that saved Scientology hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on costs related to getting its magazines delivered. But then there was a problem. Robert solved it but he was nevertheless blamed for crashing all of Scientology’s stats on the European Continent.

Robert was sent to Flag for brutal sec checking. In this podcast Robert describes the terror of being sec checked by then Inspector General RTC Marty Rathbun. These sec checks had a brutal and expensive outcome. Coupled with Robert’s inner torment with having to constantly pretend to others that he was an OT ate him up inside. Robert describes the events that led to he and his family leaving Scientology. He offers sage advice to those who are still trapped in Scientology and want to leave. Robert’s book The Defector is available on Amazon

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Scientology Sea Org Member Peter Nyiri endures 22 years in the cult before escape ~ Part 3

Peter Niyri discusses the ways in David Miscavige and RTC Rep Network issues orders concerning the day-to-day operations of the Church of Scientology Int’l. The directly contravenes what Miscavige’s attorneys told a Texas court when they claimed Miscavige had nothing to do with managing the daily affairs of CSI.

There are no checks and balances in the Church of Scientology as it told the IRS in its 1992 1023 application for 501(c)3 tax exemption. Peter also describes the extremely poor quality — literally nonexistent at times of medical care in the Sea Org. Peter then switches topics to the release of the Basics in 2007 when the focus in Scientology was selling Basics libraries.

He and his fellow Sea Org members worked from 9:15 AM to 5:00 AM — an 18 workday. This was done seven days a week for six months.

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Scientology Sea Org Member Peter Nyiri flees the cult after 22 yrs. Part 2

Peter Nyiri shares an inside view of the Sea Org culture within: How does Sea Org act towards each other? For example, Peter had several bosses who constantly gave him multiple and conflicting orders — and this while expecting him to get all orders done all at once. Peter also talks about the constant screaming and endless mental abuse inflicted upon Sea Org members by Sea Org managers.

Peter also discusses include Scientology TV; the inefficiency of Scientology’s in-house printing factory called Bridge Publications; and the defining – and very psychologically cruel — event that caused he and his wife to escape from the Sea Org. (Full story coming soon)

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Surviving Scientology Episode 55 — Katrina Reyes’ Horror Story: Forced Into the Sea Org at Age 11 — Part 1

Katrina was eleven years old and living in poverty in Siberia, Russia when her mother joined the Church of Scientology. The Cult quickly exploited the mother and daughter and recruited them into it’s notorious Sea Org. Katrina and her mother were shipped to Clearwater, Florida. Scientology used Katrina as child labor and she received no formal education.

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