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Surviving Scientology Episode 48 with Jon Atack

Jon Atack & Jeffrey Augustine Discuss L. Ron Hubbard Jr., Captain Bill, and Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard Jr., or “Nibs” as he was called, was the #2 figure in Scientology from 1952-1959. Among his other duties, Nibs served as an Enforcer for his father. Nibs left the Church. He later spoke out against his father and even sued to gain control of his father’s estate. Nibs famously granted Penthouse Magazine an interview in which he said that Scientology was Black Magick spread out over time and that his father thought of himself as the Antichrist. Nibs was eventually “recovered” by the Church of Scientology for an undisclosed sum of money. In exchange, Nibs recanted everything he had said about his father and thereby destroyed his own credibility forever. Jeffrey asks Jon, “Is Marty Rathbun the new L. Ron Hubbard Jr.?”

  • Another fascinating talk between Jeff and Jon, but I have a few quibbles with Jon’s occult scholarship, which should at least save him the trouble of having to plough through any more Aleister Crowley 😉
    Referring to Hubbard’s Crowleyan boastings at about 12:00, Jon says “so far as I’m aware the only Tarot deck that carries an alligator on the ‘Fool’ card is the Crowley deck”. Trust Hubbard to get even that wrong — it’s a crocodile, not an alligator, and had already appeared in a couple of putatively Egyptian Tarots well before Crowley’s 1944 ‘Thoth’ version — one from a book called Practical Astrology by the ‘Comte de Saint-Germain’ (Chicago, 1901) and the other from a course first issued in 1927 by C.C. Zain’s L.A.-based occult correspondence-school the ‘Brotherhood of Light’, which had filched the Saint-Germain designs with various alterations.
    I’m willing to bet Crowley drew on one or both these sources, and who’s to say Hubbard hadn’t taken a few ‘Brotherhood of Light’ courses? it’s known he went through an enlightenment-through-the-mails phase in the 1930’s which included involvement with AMORC and ‘I Am’. (The ‘Fool’ according to Saint-Germain and the Brotherhood of Light):
    Jon’s also got the ‘Empress’ card goddesses skew-whiff: while the ‘Empress’ was indeed attributed (originally in Crowley’s occult alma mater, the Golden Dawn) to the Egyptian fertility-goddess Hathor, the corresponding Greek deity was Aphrodite, not Artemis, while the Roman correspondance was with Venus, not Diana. Artemis and Diana are attributed to the ‘High Priestess’ card. Any association between a guardian-angel Empress figure, Dianetics, or Diana as a tutelary deity is most likely due to Hubbard’s ignorant errors; we shouldn’t forget how superficial his knowledge of almost everything really was — including occultism.
    Finally (30:45) there was no “ceremony” for the OTO’s eighth degree, merely a brief set of Crowley-drafted instructions on how to indulge in acts of ‘magical masturbation’ — what Parsons was doing in front of Hubbard in the hope of attracting a woman for the real culmination of the OTO system, the ninth degree — sex-magical intercourse with a partner. Again the ninth degree only exists as a set of instructions rather than a ritual rubric: http://serenitystreetnews.c

  • Goof the Floof

    My God! Jeffrey Augustine and Jon Atack together. My brain almost exploded. You guys are brilliant! Thank you!