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Surviving Scientology Episode 47 with Aaron Smith-Levin

Aaron Smith-Levin and Jeffrey Augustine discuss Marty Rathbun’s video series in which he uses lies, distortions, and falsehoods to attack those who speak out against Scientology. Marty has no credibility according to the Church of Scientology itself. So why are Marty’s videos on Scientology’s website?

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    Marty’s whole life deserves a quick review, and then weigh him. Neither does Scientology do that, but Scientology does use Marty.

    It’s a mess on Scientology’s side, they don’t know how to do PR for themselves, even when they follow Hubbard’s PR methods.

    So, today’s Scientology’s PR use of their former guy Marty, their real motive is NOT lose Marty’s support of that IRS win.

    Marty at present I noticed in his 3rd book, from then til now, has not lost his feeling that the IRS settlement was legit.

    One thing Marty said years ago, was that Scientology was worried that Terri Gamboa might unravel the IRS settlement, and she was lured to Australia during the work Marty and Miscavige were running to get that IRS settlement, so she would NOT be called by the IRS while the IRS was doing the final two years of review.

    THAT is the reason the church (Miscavige) needs Marty back on their side.

    Marty didn’t mature mentally enough to question his IRS work, but had he, then he might have been a big problem.

    Now, he’s contained, again.

    Mark my words, though, in the rest of Marty’s life, should he come up with snags to the IRS handlings, and point up things that Scientology didn’t provide that might have jeopardized the settlement, is what will forever be something Scientology/Miscavige will not wish of Marty.

    Marty is still a threat to Scientology, if he finds reasons he firsthand knows, that might be something relevant to the IRS decision.

    I suggest, Jeff, longrange if you keep an eye out on that angle.

    Terri Gamboa was persuaded to go out of the country, and Marty’s spoken or written on that somewhere!