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Surviving Scientology Episode 39 with Mark Fisher

In this podcast Mark Fisher — David Miscavige’s former assistant for many years at the Corporate Liaison Office and later RTC — discusses how L. Ron Hubbard never appointed David Miscavige as his Successor. Instead, Author Services Inc. was the privately-owned for-profit company David Miscavige used to stage a palace coup to take over RTC after the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

  • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

    Excellent history, and Mark Fisher is an expert’s dream for details. Mark was Corporate Liaison In Charge, a position ordered by L. Ron Hubbard to allow Hubbard’s orders which Hubbard sent to ASI to allow ASI to relay the appropriate orders to be coordinated by ASI into Church of Scientology Internationals sub-Sea Org groups, like into Golden Era Productions and to CMO Int.

    Particularly Golden Era Productions, which is a sub Sea Organization “org” (full separate bureaucratic organization, see the “Command Channels” booklet on WikiLeaks for a breakdown of all the sub units of Church of Scientology International, experts need to do that type of detailed understanding if they wish to get their wits around the first hand material Mark gives in Mark’s priceless interviews that Mark’s given to Jeffrey), I even recall when I proofread the bulk of the ASI traffic that there were dozens and dozens of L. Ron Hubbard orders that came to Golden Era Productions, and Hubbard wished for ASI to oversee that Golden Era Productions did their jobs properly so that Hubbard’s “image” and “properties” were properly produced and given out!

    Hubbard’s concept of Hubbard’s own “properties” and how those “properties” (like this films that Golden Era Productions were to produce) were produced “up to LRH’s standards” and that quality level Hubbard absolutely in the ASI traffic did expect ASI to ensure all sub units like Golden Era Productions who had responsibility to produce the films and audio “LRH products” did so up to Hubbard’s high “standards.”

    Hubbard’s despatch traffic to ASI urged ASI to have an overseeing role in ensuring Hubbard’s “image” and “products” were up to LRH’s standards.

    So the position Mark Fisher held, “Corporate Liaison In Charge” he was the relay legal position between ASI and Golden Era Productions, for instance.

    That role, the “CL I/C” position, does NOT exist anymore today, and Mark’s replacement was Todd Alexander I remember, and then I don’t think after Todd held that post, it ceased to exist and it’s no longer done today, and today things have legally collapsed to such a degree that Miscavige has taken on ASI’s “quality” overseeing role. Miscavige as COB RTC wears that overseeing “QC” (quality control) on “LRH products/properties” and he essentially took that “job” with him when Miscavige “legally” moved from the vacated position of “COB ASI” to the “COB RTC” job that Miscavige legally holds today.

    It’s like the “COB ASI” job evaporated, and the need to even have a CL I/C also evaporated, since Miscavige has taken the oversight QC “hat” with him when he left the COB ASI role.

    Not that this makes a hill of beans difference at all, but ASI’s roles has just evaporated, for the most part, and Miscavige’s taking on this overseeing the overall quality of the “LRH properties production” quality control job, he’s it. He’s never relinquished the top dog “QC” role.

    My questions:

    a) Next interview ask the history of the Special Project Ops, with dates as best Mark can put those dates details down.

    b) How many total “Special Project Ops” despatches were even issued?

    c) How many total Corporate Liaison “advices” did Hubbard write, and I’d like to know what were Mark’s exact key quotes from that traffic did he operate on, and what were his stats as CL I/C?

    d) In all the years Mark worked for Miscavige, did Mark ever get to read the COB ASI traffic? (Not that the COB ASI traffic had anything “hot” in it, it didn’t, all it did was cement the fact that the position COB ASI existed, and it was mainly perfunctory acknowledgement traffic commenting on the ongoing things and the completed things that ASI was doing for LRH, but NOTHING in the COB ASI traffic was on the order of “non existence answer from LRH” type of importance, which is a question I would like to ask Mark, which is did he ever see any kind of “non existence” traffic answer from LRH to Miscavige? Did the Spcl Pjt Ops traffic have anything that even vaguely sounded like the typical LRH non – E response traffic that LRH was known to give to others, and which some ASI staff did get some vague non E responses from LRH. But when I proofread the ASI Traffic, including the COB ASI traffic, I saw NO non E traffic back to Miscavige in any of the ASI traffic nor in the COB ASI traffic. The importance of this question to Mark, is because if he or anyone ever saw a “non E” response from LRH to Miscavige, then THAT would be the smoking gun proof of exactly the “role” of Miscavige that LRH had for Miscavige in LRH’s eyes, but I saw none, and I’d be curious if Mark can confirm that.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex ASI staff 1992-1995
    my whole Sea Org career was 1975 – 2003

    PS: When a Sea Org member transfers today to be in the “ASI” org, you sign a legal agreement that says you are temporarily “retiring” from the Sea Org, but that your years working for ASI will count in your “years in the Sea Org” when it comes time for the Sea Org years of service calculating. Because Sea Org members get bonuses based on their years of Sea Org years served, and when I was in ASI, we even attended “Sea Org Day” ceremonies, and wore our Sea Org uniforms, and took our group Sea Org ASI group photographes, taken by Annie Tidman Broecker Logan when she was in the F&E subbranch of CMO Gold, she took all the Sea Org group photos one year, and us ASIers were there like were the CSTers and all the regular Int Base units all photographed in their group photos by Annie. When you leave ASI, you sign a new legal agreement with whichever Sea Org group you then get transferred into. (When I was busted out of ASI, I then transferred to Gold, and then I transferred into CLO WUS and then I “routed out” in 2003.)

    • Marc Watt

      Terrific work. Simply fascinating

  • Meghan

    Just started listening to this…. .I am on Episode 15… can you give a link or explain what happen to Louise? I think that was the name where Mat Pesch says they were told it was an car accident… what really happened?

  • Mark Shinnick

    Re: Episode 39 with Mark Fisher

    You two hit it all right out of the park, so many MU’s handled. Well done Gentlemen.

  • Marc Watt

    Stumbled into this world about a week ago. Have been obsessed ever since. I had no idea just how crazy this shit was