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Surviving Scientology Episode 35 with Aaron Smith-Levin

In a fascinating and wide raging interview with Jeffrey Augustine, former Sea Org member Aaron Smith-Levin discusses the topics of Scientology’s controversial Freeloader bills, the Clear Cognition, and other topics.

Companion documents for this interview:

Aaron and his wife’s Freeloader Bill totaling $129,344.27 itemized on an Excel spreadsheet. Note: You must download this document on Scribd to view it as an Excel spreadsheet.

Petition to reduce Freeloader Debt by removing Non-Bridge courses.

  • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

    Ha! What an interview. We observers of Scientology are fortunate both to have the best interviewer, a clear thinking outsider like Jeffrey Augustine, and then Aaron Smith-Levin who’s such a great explainer of his life growing up as a young man as a Scientologist, him becoming a course supervisor and Sea Org member.

    Freeloader Debts that Scientologist staffers are forced to owe money back to Scientology, when they quit staff prematurely, is ludicrously dissected in this interview.

    The “Clear cog” when Aaron finally heard what that lofty enlightenment “standard realization” that Scientologists must cough up on their own without coaching or learning the wording of that enlightenment statement they must make to receive the “Clear” validation from official Scientology, is all excellently explained in this interview.

    How Aaron thought like all other normal Scientologists who were well informed themselves, that L. Ron Hubbard was Buddha in Hubbard’s past lives, just taken for absolute truth to them, this interview is great raw evidence of Aaron’s views as a modern young person growing up and being an exemplary dedicated staffer and Sea Org member, yet unraveling from it all, and explaining things as excellently as a training course supervisor in Scientology training organizations would do simple laid out explanations of things.

    Just amazing good raw interviewing that together with all of Jeffrey’s other interviews is just a priceless valuable contribution to raw life evidence of Scientologists’ lives.

    Seeing his way back out of Scientology, a smart young person like Aaron and his wife, is logical.

    Gotta be a lesson in just the overall event of Aaron’s life, even as dedicated of a Scientologist as he was.

    Hope Aaron continues to speak on his reflections and thoughts, as they come to him, in the years to come.

  • HappyQuails

    How are you a freeloader when you pay at every turn, in the thousands of dollars, and out of all reasonable proportion before leaving?

  • HappyQuails

    Would you please clarify the application of the word “hat” to their courses in a future episode? Thanks!

  • Ultraworld

    After receiving a freeloader bill, the parishioner should send them an invoice for services rendered.Bill them at a fair living wage of $15.00 per hr. If they are working the 100 hrs per week that most have claimed, that would come to $1,950.00 per wk ( 40 hrs standard, 60 hrs OT). That works out to $101,400.00 per year. Then next to your earnings, deduct the charges of the Church. I would think that most would have money coming back to them. CC all correspondence with the church to the state board of labor. The state will investigate. If COS says you didn’t work those hours, counter with “I never received the serviced as outlined in the invoice. Just a thought.

  • Gabrielle Zieden

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