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The Wasel-Augustine Scientology Refund-Repayment Fraud Survey

On this podcast Dr. Jeff Wasel and Jeffrey Augustine discuss the Scientology Refund-Repayment Fraud Survey. To view and/or complete the survey please go here: Wasel-Augustine Scientology Refund-Repayment Fraud Survey

The Wasel-Augustine Scientology Refunds-Repayment Survey represents the first ever formal attempt to quantify a specific institutional behavior of Scientology. In this instance, the legitimacy of Scientology’s claims of having a transparent refund/repayments policy, as well as the human cost of Scientology’s problematic financial behavior in this regard.

The survey will extrapolate data from a variety of key indicators, such as the amount a member has/had on account, their time in Scientology, their level of success in attempting to obtain a refund or repayment from Scientology, as well as if they experienced undue levels of aggressive “regging”. It also asks if they were coerced into exceeding their credit limit or pressured into opening new accounts to fund Scientology services, and lastly, the extent of any negative lifestyle outcomes that may have arisen from their financial relationship with Scientology.

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