Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 3 with Claire Headley

April 28: Claire Headley interview with your host Jeffrey Augustine

Program Summary:

Claire Headley grew up in the Church of Scientology.

Claire rose to great prominence in the Church and became a senior executive in the Religious Technology Center (RTC) where she reported directly to Shelly Miscavige.

In this two-part interview, Claire discusses in fascinating detail Shelly Miscavige, David Miscavige, life on Int Base, and her husband Marc Headley and how he blew from Int Base.

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Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 1 with Mike Rinder

April 15, 2014: Mike Rinder Interview with your host Jeffrey Augustine

Program Summary:

Mike Rinder and Jeffrey Augustine discuss Jillian Schlesinger, the recently leaked Church of Scientology 990-T tax filings with the IRS, and the disaster created by the Church of Scientology in South Africa.

Jillian Schlesinger recently escaped from the notorious Church of Scientology slave labor force known as the Sea Org. Within three weeks of her escape, Jillian made of series of YouTube videos with Karen de la Carriere. These videos and Jillian’s story went viral. The Church’s Office of Special Affairs engaged in Fair Game against Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine following the release of these videos. Mike Rinder comments on why he thinks the Jillian Schlesinger videos represent such a threat to Church of Scientology.

Jeffrey Augustine recently located and released Church of Scientology IRS 990-T filings wherein the Church declared a book value of $1.5 billion for just three of its entities: Church of Scientology International, Church of Spiritual Technology, and Flag Service Organization.

Mike Rinder describes the dramatic meltdown of the Church of Scientology in South Africa.

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