Surviving Scientology Episode 27 with Mike Rinder

Mike Rinder looks back on the Church of Scientology in 2014 and looks ahead to 2015. Topics includes the Church’s serious legal problems in France and with Narconon.
For example using Super Bowl for a PR image but in Reality, using freebies on Craig’s list for solicitation into the Cult.
In this interview, Jeffrey Augustine mentions that Narconon brings in about $100,0000,000 per year for the Church of Scientology. The IRS 990’s showing ~$63,000,000 in Narconon gross receipts are posted here at the Scientology Money Project.

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Surviving Scientology Episode 26 with Marc Headley

Former Sea Org member Marc Headley describes how he and a Danish film crew were ambushed at Int Base by Scientologists. This story was picked up by the International Business Times after Marc filmed the event with his phone and Tony Ortega published the account of the ambush.

Marc Headley, author of the book Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology. Available on Amazon.

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Talk Radio Europe Interviews Karen De La Carriere

A few weeks ago Karen interviewed with Talk Radio Europe, Host Bill Padley. He was so relaxed and friendly, Karen found him to be wonderful to interview with. He had great experience with radio Victory, Radio Clyde and BBC London. 4 days ago he got promoted to be station manager.
Talk Radio Europe is available on normal radio channels but also via smart phones using mobile apps.

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